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Cold Friday

Posted by Damon Jones on

Well. we've finally gotten some seriously chilly weather around these parts, and colder weather moving in on Sunday evening. It's been a while since it has gotten, and stayed, cold enough to finally get rid of some of the bugs. Well, at least I hope it gets rid of them. Nothing quite like seeing mosquitos, bees and such in December. Lows are going to be in the mid teens on Monday and Tuesday, so it's time to bundle up, gather up some firewood or blankets, and make sure your heating system is working properly. If your unit is not operating up to snuff, give us a call, we can come out and get you back up and comfy. There's no need to be chilly, don't delay. Call us and we will come check out your system, and if there is a problem, then we will see where to go from there.

Well, it was an interesting ball game last night to say the least. Alabama showed up to play, but it looks like Oklahoma showed up to win. The Tide just got outplayed by a good Sooner team, which really surprised me. Of course, I'm a Bama fan, and any time they loose it surprises me. What surprises me even more is the reaction from some people concerning the outcome of games. Threats to players and coaches are a bit extreme, especially when you consider that most people who make these statements probably never got the opportunity to make a game winning kick, or shot, or hit, more than likely, they never even got on a court, or field, for a big game. Saying that to say this. If they had played, they more than likely failed way more times than they succeeded. The greatest players of all time fail more times than they succeed. So I'll close with a remark I heard while playing baseball as a young man, from the father of another player when he heard someone being overly critical of a player..."Cheer the boys, don't Ride them...It's just a stick and a ball"...Well put Mr. Brown.