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I recently had to call a plumber for the first time. I knew of Bill Bradley from friends, the phone book, seeing their trucks and of course their catchy little jingle. The plumbers were very nice and professional. They quoted me a price before the work was started. They were also quick to respond.

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Stormy Monday

Posted by on

Good Monday morning to all, hope everyone enjoyed the wonderful weekend weather we had. Saturday and Sunday were great, which means of course, that we have a "gooble" of rain coming in today, and believe it or not, temperatures possibly below freezing Tuesday night. Wow, what a crazy winter/spring we have been having this year. HVAC systems are being put to the test on a somewhat weekly basis for sure. And we surely don't need another flooding situation, but there's a lot of rain moving our way. Well, the good news is that this weekend is Easter weekend, and hopefully that means the end of cooler weather. The old saying of wait till Easter to do your planting has sure been accurate this year.

This coming Sunday is Easter Sunday, and we hope you take the time to reflect on the meaning of this "Celebration". We celebrate the Risen Savior, Jesus Christ. Take the time to share this event with your children, family and friends, to share the Easter story. Make sure they know the facts.

Also take the time to celebrate with your children and family with Easter egg hunts, a family dinner and time spent together. Although we know The Easter Bunny has nothing to do with this epic event, it's fun for the kids, and in turn, fun for all who participate. Make the day a family oriented celebration, go to church or at least Sunday school and celebrate the "Passion of Love" that this season represents.

Now that the temperatures should start warming up take the time to schedule up your HVAC spring tune up. Head into the summer knowing your system is operating as it should. And if you need any repairs, and/or a new system, we can help you with that.

Have a blessed day and week.


Friday Rain

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Friday and it's raining, again it seems. Sitting back remembering when we were going through the drought a couple years ago, and it was dry for sure, and it didn't look like we were ever going to have any substantial rain fall, anyway, I remember hearing a "Weather" guru stating that "Mother Nature always has a way of catching back up". I didn't really pay that much attention at the time, but he was correct. The rain has certainly caught back up. I don't mind the rain so much, and at least it's not cold this time, but it's just been such a dreary winter season, and we had so much rain last spring and summer. Guess I'm just ready for an extended period of sunshine, give everything a chance to dry out a bit. Oh well, reckon we'll see what "Mother Nature" continues to bring us here in the state of Alabama.

Hope everyone has children had a chance to spend some quality time with them during Spring Break this year. Although the weather wasn't great, just spending some time with your kids is fun. Had the chance to go fishing with mine last Sunday, and we had a great time. I have to confess, I'm not much of a fisherman, but we had such a good time I think I'm going to "work on my fishing game". Good times indeed.

Well, here's hoping we have better weather next week, hopefully warmer temperatures are heading our way. With that in mind, why don't you go ahead and schedule up your Spring HVAC tune-up. Get it out of the way and be ready for the summer. Call today, you'll be glad you did once it breaks off HOT this summer.


Tired of Winter

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Spring has arrived, Saturday was a beautiful day, temperatures in the low 80's, however, it appears as though winter is not done with us yet. Sunday was cool and breezy, today will be about the same, and tomorrow night and Wednesday look like the possibility of below freezing temperatures, again. We are ready to be through with winter for sure. It's been a cold, and often dreary winter, and we have had plenty of cold weather. Maybe we'll get past this last little snap and then move on to warmer, Spring type weather on a consistent basis. It's been a crazy ride this year, and who knows what type of weather we will get this summer. One day running heat, next day running AC, it makes you appreciate your HVAC system for sure. And keeping your system operating in top form is important, as I'm sure most of us have found out thus far. It is a good time to go ahead and start thinking about your Spring HVAC tune-up. Although we might have a bit more cold weather heading this way, we know that warmer weather is going to arrive. Maybe by Easter we will be through with the chilly weather, and it will be time to plant your garden and get ready for a Great Summer.

Remember that the schools are on Spring Break this week, and although alot of people travel, kids will be outside, so pay close attention when driving through neighborhoods and such.

Bill Bradley Services offers our condolences to the family of David Attaway, who lost his mother, Linda Edmonds, on Friday, March 21. David is a manager in our Bill Bradley Services family, and we pray God's peace and comfort over his family during this time.

Have a Great Day.


Ready to Spring Forward

Posted by on

Another dreary looking morning after a wonderful, spring like weekend. Getting ready for the weather to warm up, and this weekend, we get to spring forward. Always love it when the days start getting longer. Gives you more time in the evenings to get outside, spend time with the kids, catch up on yard work, etc. It also signals that the warmer weather is right around the corner. Although I feel we might get another cold snap, it's time to start thinking about getting that yard whipped into shape, getting outside for more fun, healthy activities, and of course, baseball season will also soon be upon us. Love some baseball, and who knows. maybe this will be the year of the Cubs, although I wouldn't bet on it.

It's also time to start thinking about having your HVAC system serviced. Now that it's starting to warm up, it won't be long before those AC units will start keeping us comfortable again. I'm pretty sure some are already being turned on with these warm days and weekends we've had lately. So go ahead and get on our schedule, get your system maintenanced, and get ready for what we hope, will be a Great Spring Time.

Have a great day, and if you need us, give us a call. Bill Bradley Services will take care of any plumbing, or HVAC needs that you have. Call today, and we will "Come Fix Your Home".


Sunshine on a Thursday

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Sunshine on a Thursday morning, what a great way to start the day.  It's always great to see the sun again after what we've had the last few days. Personally, I get real tired of the dreariness of the clouds and rain. Sunshine after a couple days of rain peps you up, makes you feel like doing something, going outside for a while, being productive. It's also going to be warmer today, which is fantastic. Looks like we're going to have some moderate temperatures the next week or so, could it be that Spring is around the corner ? Could the groundhog have been wrong this year ? Certainley hope so. Some forecast are calling for possible upper 70's towards the middle of next week.

All of this cold weather has made January seem like a blur, but at least we have a "Stop" sign this week to slow us down. Valentine's Day is this Friday, tomorrow, the day when love is in the air. Take some time, slow down, and enjoy the celebration of love with that special someone, or one's for that matter. Fella's, don't forget your wives and daughters. It is important for them to feel loved and appreciated on this day, to be "Special". And remember Dad's, you set the example for your daughters on how they should be treated, and what they should expect from the young men in thier lives. And the "Love" of your life deserves to feel special and important on this day also, so stand up, shine through and amke it a good experience.

Well, as I mentioned earlier, I can't help but hope that Spring is around the corner. With that in mind, I find myself thinking about the things that need to be done around the house. And one of the most important tasks is having the HVAC serviced. Get ahead of the game and schedule your HVAC service in advance, generally March is a good month for this, and be preparred for when the glorious, Alabama sweltering weather starts arriving.

Have a Great Day and weekend.