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Home Comfort System Tune-up and Safety Inspection

Only $64.95

Manufacturers recommend cleaning and inspecting your comfort systems once a year. You also want to make sure there are no carbon monoxide (CO) leaks that can make you or your family sick.  Because CO is colorless and odorless, you would never know it was present until it was too late. (Electric heat and heat pump systems have their own unique problems. The need to be checked each year too!)

But that is not all.  We will also clean or replace standard filters if you tell us the size when you call in.  You couldn't ask for a more cost effective way to see that your home and your  family are safe this year, or to ensure that your system won't break down and leave you  when you need it most!

*64.95 applies to Montgomery City Area Only-- Call for our low prices in other areas!


Service Agreements

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