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Replace or Upgrade Your Thermostat

Hand adjusting thermostat A thermostat has a huge effect on your property's HVAC system. A thermostat that doesn't work properly can affect whether or not you can get your home or place of business to the temperature that you desire. This can pose serious issues during the winter and summer seasons. Additionally, the quality of your thermostat can have a big impact on your monthly energy costs.

Here at Bill Bradley Services, we can change out or upgrade your thermostat to improve your HVAC system as well as your property's energy efficiency.

Replacing Your Thermostat

If you find that your home or place of business is no longer as cool or as warm as you would like it to be, then there's either a problem with your HVAC system or your thermostat needs to be replaced.

To determine if your thermostat is the culprit, you'll need to schedule a professional inspection. We will be able to determine if replacing your thermostat will solve the problem. When we install a new thermostat, we will test it to make sure that it works effectively.

Upgrading Your Thermostat

If your current thermostat is having issues or is older, then we always recommend upgrading. Newer thermostats come with more features that provide users with better control over their property's comfort levels. For example, newer thermostats have touchscreens, which makes them much easier to use.

Many new thermostats are also programmable. This not only makes heating and cooling your home or place of business more convenient, it can also save you a substantial amount of money.

A programmable thermostat allows you to program the thermostat for up to a week. This means that you can set it to automatically change to the most efficient setting after you go to work and to change back to your desired temperature before you come home. No wasting energy when nobody is at home!

For more information about replacing or upgrading the thermostat in your home or place of business, be sure to contact us at Bill Bradley Services to schedule a service call in Montgomery, AL and the surrounding areas.