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What wil the weather bring today ?

Posted by Damon Jones on

Another band of storms coming through our area today. Hopefully, Montgomery will be spared the freezing rain, although the northern part of the State will get some, and it looks like Georgia is going to have another major weather event. It's been an interesting winter as far as the weather, for sure. Mild one day, freezing the next, windy, dry, soaking wet, you name it, we've had some of it here in the Deep South. Of course, there are some benefits to finally having a winter season for the first time in years. Can't say I miss all the bugs, and looking forward to having some of the plants renewed and refreshed after some colder than average temperatures this year. And who knows, maybe we'll have a normal Alabama summer this year. After all this cold weather, I'm ready for the Spring and Summer months to get here.

As we continue to have these colder than average temperatures, don't forget to keep your HVAC system maintained. Change those filters on a regular basis, We recommend monthly if possible. Especially if you've been keeping pets inside more often than normal. Keeping your filters clean will help your system to operate at it's most efficient, and is, for most people, a fairly easy thing to accomplish. If you need help changing your filters, give us a call. We will inspect your system, change your filters, and help keep you comfortable during this long, cold winter we are experiencing this year.