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Posted by Damon Jones on

Wow, it's sure been a busy Wednesday around here today, glad the rain has held off so that we could take care of our customers. We've had several customers with either HVAC or plumbing issues, and the rain can sometimes get in the way of being able to make the proper repair. At Bill Bradley Services, if we can't make the proper, correct repair, then we don't make the repair until we can. So, glad the rain has held off, although I wouldn't mind if it rained all night tonite. Like to see the grass and trees and plants thriving, not dried up and thirsty.

Hard to believe that the Fourth of July is right around the corner. This summer season seems to be flying by. Won't be long before the kids are back in school and we're getting ready for some football action. Seems like summer's used to last a bit longer when i was younger, of course everything seemed to last longer back in the day. It's funny as we get older, everything seems to be priority, and we have the feeling, or need, to get everything accomplished right away. Saying all that to say this, when you do have some down time, spend some of it relaxing with friends or family, make sure to spend time with your kids. They will be grown up before you know it. Take some time to "Smell the Roses" as the saying goes.

And if you do have an HVAC or plumbing issue, be sure to give Bill Bradley Services a call. We will take care of your issues, and get you back to enjoying some "down time" with those you love. And although you need to watch the amount of time you spend in the sun, get out there and soak up some rays, it'll make you feel better.

Have a great day