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Tired of Winter

Posted by Damon Jones on

Spring has arrived, Saturday was a beautiful day, temperatures in the low 80's, however, it appears as though winter is not done with us yet. Sunday was cool and breezy, today will be about the same, and tomorrow night and Wednesday look like the possibility of below freezing temperatures, again. We are ready to be through with winter for sure. It's been a cold, and often dreary winter, and we have had plenty of cold weather. Maybe we'll get past this last little snap and then move on to warmer, Spring type weather on a consistent basis. It's been a crazy ride this year, and who knows what type of weather we will get this summer. One day running heat, next day running AC, it makes you appreciate your HVAC system for sure. And keeping your system operating in top form is important, as I'm sure most of us have found out thus far. It is a good time to go ahead and start thinking about your Spring HVAC tune-up. Although we might have a bit more cold weather heading this way, we know that warmer weather is going to arrive. Maybe by Easter we will be through with the chilly weather, and it will be time to plant your garden and get ready for a Great Summer.

Remember that the schools are on Spring Break this week, and although alot of people travel, kids will be outside, so pay close attention when driving through neighborhoods and such.

Bill Bradley Services offers our condolences to the family of David Attaway, who lost his mother, Linda Edmonds, on Friday, March 21. David is a manager in our Bill Bradley Services family, and we pray God's peace and comfort over his family during this time.

Have a Great Day.