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Second Monday in September

Posted by Damon Jones on

Good Monday morning to all. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Beautiful weather this weekend, great for family activities, and of course, football watching. The NFL kicked off in full steam yesterday, and of course, college ball was great as usual. The SEC had a decent weekend, and I personally loved the outcome of the prime time game Saturday night. Now looking forward to the games this coming weekend.

What about this weather, finally getting plenty of sunshine, and the temp's are slightly above average. Glad to have some great, warm weather. All that sunshine makes you want to get outside and do some things, yard work, pool time, play with the kids, whatever. Hoping that this weather pattern continues for a while.

We are seeing alot of HVAC issues, and there are still alot of customers who haven't had the systems checked out. Don't delay any longer, call today and get on the schedule. Enjoy the weekend without having to deal with comfort issues. It is warm outside, and it's going to stay warm, so call today. And remember to keep your filters changed. We recomment monthly. This will help your system to run at it's peak efficeincy, and will also prolong the life of your system. And when you need us, call us...BILL BRADLEY SERVICES WILL COME FIX YOUR HOME...