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Here it comes again

Posted by Damon Jones on

Well it looks like Winter is about to bear down on us once again.  If you've been outside any today, you've certainley noticed that the wind has picked up and that the temperature is slowly beginning to drop again.  Going to have lows in the low 20's, upper teens for a few nights. Although I am a Summer and Sun kinda person, it's nice to have enough cold weather to finally knock the bugs down a bit.  And, it's been a while since we actually felt a good change of season, so here's to Winter this year.

If you made it through the last cold snap without any issues, then you were obviously preparred, or maybe just lucky.  More than likely you were preparred, and by being preparred you saved yourself costly repairs from frozen pipes, etc.  I say that to say this, If you have any concerns about your pipes freezing when it gets really cold, just follow this one piece of advice, "If in doubt, let the water flow".  Leaving your faucets dripping, about the size of a pencil lead, will more than likely insure that your pipes won't freeze.  And if it's going to be a long cold snap, then leave them dripping throughout the cold snap.  You don't have to leave every faucet dripping, just a hose bibb or two, and maybe a bathtub in one bathroom and the kitchen sink.  Also open cabinets to allow the spaces underneath to become conditioned to your homes temperature.  Take note of the location of your hose bibbs in terms of where the cold wind will be hitting your home, which parts of the house don't receive alot of afternoon sunshine, etc.  Knowing these things can help you determine which faucets need attention, and by knowing this, you can help protect your home.  Always remember, a burst pipe can cause alot of damage to your house, so be preparred.

Also, if your home is normally cold, or drafty around doors and windows, turn your heater up a degree or two to help it maintain, also try placing towels under the exterior doors and maybe hanging blankets over drafty windows to help maintain the heat.

Just a couple of thoughts.  Have a wonderful day.