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Here comes August

Posted by Damon Jones on

Well, July has just about come and gone, wow, what a month. Cooler than normal temps, and how about all the rain. Can't seem to remember this much rain during the summer without having tropical storms associated with it. Thought we were going to make it through yesterday without rain, and then the bottom dropped out, and apparently, more rain heading our way. Great for the grass, not so good for farmers. Crops are drowning. Well, that's how it gets in Alabama some times, not enough or else too much rain. Here's hoping that August might bring some drier and warmer times. I personally like the heat. Went to Phoenix last week for a conference concerning my youngest daughter, who has a syndrome, anyway, got up to 109 one day, and 105 or better a couple of other days. Loved it, plenty of sunshine, and of course, Phoenix has that dry heat, so you don't hardly feel yourself sweating. But i do have to admit, it was great to see Alabama again, plenty of green.

Maybe we'll have an extended summer season, and stay warm into September. For those of us who stay busy during the "warm" season's, we would all like for it to stay "hot" for a while. With that in mind, don't forget to keep a close eye on your HVAC system. We find systems every day that are not being serviced, or maintained properly. We understand your busy and can't do it yourself, so call us, we'll be glad to service your system, and keep you cool for the duration of the summer. And if your having any plumbing issues, we'll be glad to take of them also. Remember.....BILL BRADLEY SERVICES WILL....."COME FIX YOUR HOME"

Also keep an eye out for our new commercial. Let us know what you think.

Have a great Wednesday, and we'll catch up with you later.