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Enjoy a warm Monday because...

Posted by Damon Jones on

Enjoy a nice, warm Monday, because cold weather is heading our way tomorrow. Lows in the 20's and windy, so you better make sure your Heating system is up an running properly. Temperatures are finally going to start feeling more "Fall like" it appears, and we will have two Hard freezes coming our way this week. Hopefully that will finally knock down some of the insects, although yesterday it was nice to see some butterflies, honey bees, etc. flying around.

Today is Veterans Day, and Bill Bradley Services would like to thank all who have chosen to serve our country in some shape, form or fashion. Especially those who have risked thier lives to insure our Freedom and Beliefs. Take a moment to salute those in your family or friends who have chosen to serve us.

God Bless our Military families, God Bless our Country. Have a Great day.