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Cool Friday

Posted by Damon Jones on

Hard to believe it's August 16th and the temperature this morning was 69. It's been an interesting summer, temperature wise, to say the least. Oh, let's don't forget about all the rain also. I know in July I said I couldn't remember it ever being as cool as it was some days, and I certainly don't ever remember it being this cool, this early, in August. If it doesn't rain too much, might be a nice weekend for outdoor activities before school starts back in full swing for everyone on Monday.

Two weeks from now, we'll be able to talk about SEC football, and everyone will be getting ready for the Auburn and Alabama games on Saturday, August 31st. Roll Tide and War Eagle parties will be starting back up for sure. Of course, it will probably break off hot around that time, so don't forget to have your HVAC system serviced, and/or get that nagging little plumbing issue resolved before your "Big Game Party". No need to be uncomfortable during the games, and if an issue should arise, be sure to give us a call. Bill Bradley Services will get you back up and running in no time.

Have a great weekend, remember that school will be back in session on Monday, so be careful and pay attention when driving through school zones and neighborhoods.

If you have any HVAC or Plumbing issues, give us a call, and keep an eye out for our new commercial, pretty cool we think.