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Cold Wednesday

Posted by Damon Jones on

Good morning all, hope everyone is planning for a Great Thanksgiving Holiday with friends and family. Safe travels to all who are heading "Over the mountains and through the dale". It has been a while since we've seen weather conditions like this on Thanksgiving, going to be nice to not be in shorts and such, makes it feel better. At least to me. Be sure to take the time tomorrow to remember all that you have to be thankful for, and remember, it's never to late to offer someone in need a helping hand.

Wow, what a cold morning and day this is going to be. Quiet sure there will be plenty of fireplaces roaring today, heaters will be working overtime, sounds like a good day for a bowl of chili and a good movie or two. Be sure to be careful if your burning a fire, and if you notice anything unusual about the way your heater is working, give us call. We will come check it out and help you and your family to stay warm. A couple of things to remember. If you have a heat pump system in your house, it will keep your home warm, but it takes a little longer than a gas furnace. Just keep that in mind, set your thermostat to around 72 or so and be comfortable.

Now, we know everyone is gearing up for Saturday, game day, The Iron Bowl, the biggest event in Alabama for sure, and even more importance on the game this year, because whomever wins will probably get a shot at the National Championship. We know if Bama wins and then wins the SEC title game, they will be a lock, and if Auburn wins out, with a little luck, they too will get the opportunity. So, Roll Tide and War Eagle.

We will be working Friday, so if you need any assistance with HVAC or Plumbing issues, give us call, and enjoy the game in comfort.

Have a Great Day, Happy Thanksgiving.