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Water Heaters,AC Units and Thursday's Tip

Posted by Damon Jones on

Wednesday was a great day. We had the opportunity to serve several customers, with issues ranging from water heater trouble, noisy and/or not working AC systems, stopped up drains, etc. Although it was a busy day, it was also rewarding in that several of our customers called in to praise our technicians and compliment our office staff. Ir's always good to get an "Atta Boy" from someone. I think my favorite was from a call that came in late yesterday afternoon. Customer had a "buzzing" sound coming from her condensing unit. Our technicians went through the unit, found the cause of the problem and repaired it. Anyone in our industry knows that a "buzzing" sound can be difficult at times to locate and repair. The best part of this call for me was having the customer call and compliment our guys, and also her son called to compliment our guys. A doubleheader of "Atta Boys". Great.

Now for Thursday's tip of the day. Water heaters provide the hot water we use everyday. From that comforting shower, to cleaning our dishes and clothes, as well as several other uses. If you have a tank tupe water heater, you should once a year flush your water heater tank, to help remove sediment that will settle in the bottom of the tank. You perform this task by attaching a garden hose to the boiler drain located at the bottom of the tank. Make sure that the hose is located so that it can discharge the water safely. If your water heater is in an attic location, run the hose to the nearest bathtub, if located on a ground floor, run the hose outside of the house, or to the nearest tub. Remeber that the water heater will be discharging hot water, so don't let it dump directly on grass or plants. Carefully attach the hose to the boiler drain. Open the drain to allow full flow and once the water is running clear, close the boiler drain, remove the hose and you should be good to go. It should'nt take more than a few gallons to flush your tank. If you feel uncomfortable about doing this yourself, give us a call. Also remember that tankless water heaters should be flushed out yearly also. Tankless water heaters require a different approach, so give us a call and we can handle this for you.