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Chilly Friday Morning

Posted by Damon Jones on

Good morning all, i know it's been a while, but there has been alot going on. Where to start ? Well, Alabama won another National Championship, the Super Bowl is Sunday, we've had plenty of rain and temperature changes, and January has flown by. We've been through social uproars over the gun control issues, storms ravaging parts of the country, and this week in Alabama dealing with the hostage situation in Midland City.

The economy took a down turn in the fourth quarter of 2012. although there are indicators that things will again get better. Just seems that at every turn, there is some "dramatic" event or issue facing our country, state and city. Through all the troubling news and issues, along with the daily struggles we all go through, it can be hard to find joy, or reason's to be optimistic about the future. We however, are optimistic, we believe things will get better, we believe we are strong enough to make it through the hard times. We know GOD is on the throne, and that his hand is upon us, our families, our country. We believe that prayer will create change. We simply believe.

During the last month we've seen winter and spring, or so it seems. What a weather rollercoaster. Make sure your keeping your filters changed on a regular basis, we recomment monthly, and if your noticing and issues with your system, give us a call, we can help. BILL BRADLEY SERVICES will come "FIX...YOUR...HOME"