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Four Reasons Why Maintaining Ducts is Important

Bill Bradley Office 1969Without a doubt, the heart of a residential HVAC system is the central operating unit, but unbeknownst to most homeowners, the associated duct work fills an equally important function. For this reason, most central units are inspected and maintained on an annual or even biannual basis. However, the duct work goes largely ignored. Here are five reasons why duct maintenance should not be overlooked.

Clean duct work makes the home more comfortable

No matter how efficient the “heart” of the system is, poor circulation will reduce effectiveness. Duct work must be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis or it will simply not operate as intended. Most experts recommend that you have this work done at the beginning of the summer cooling season and once again before winter sets in. It will help keep your HVAC equipment in top operating condition.

It saves money

Ignoring the maintenance of the HVAC duct work in your home is doubly disadvantageous from a financial point of view. First, dirty or clogged duct work lowers the efficiency of the system. The “conditioned” air simply does not reach the living space as easily as possible, causing the central unit to work harder and longer. This means that the homeowner will incur higher operating costs as a result. Secondly, poorly maintained duct work can leak, allowing the cooled air to escape into unintended spaces where its effects are not needed.

There is a safety issue

There are two sets of ducts in any gas HVAC system: one that circulates the conditioned air into the living spaces and another that exhausts the dangerous combustion gases created by the central unit. Ignoring the former set of ducts is expensive, but ignoring the other may allow dangerous gases to infiltrate the home. Properly maintaining ducts on a schedule easily addresses this issue.

It adds resale value to the home

A properly working HVAC unit is one of the first things a potential buyer will examine when considering the purchase of a home. Realtors always recommend that a home be kept well-chilled or warmed as needed when showing a home. The cost is negligible and makes for a far more inviting house, but only if your HVAC system is up to the task.

Maintaining ducts is a fairly straightforward process, but it needs to be performed on a regular basis. For more information on why maintaining your duct work is important or to schedule an inspection, please contact us at Bill Bradley Services. Contact us online or give us a call at (334) 262-8368.