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Warm Friday

Posted by Damon Jones on

Friday and it's starting to warm up around here, finally. Looking like it's going to be in the 90's by the weekend, mid 90's next week. Time to get outside and enjoy the wonderful summer type weather we have in Alabama. I know it gets hot, but isn't it great to be outside, grilling out, playing with the kids, working a garden, going to the lake, swimming, etc. Summer time is definately fun time in the South. Of course with the heat also comes the demand on your HVAC system. Here's a couple of ideas to help keep your house cooler. Keep blinds or curtains pulled if you have room receiving direct sun light. Make sure all windows are securely closed, try to limit the amount of times your exterior doors are openend and shut (i know this is hard with children). Try to do the laundry, or use the dishwasher earlier in the morning or at night to help reduce the heat load within your home. Make sure you have clean filters in your HVAC system(s), try to keep your condensing units as clean as possible from deris, try to maintain around 12-18" of clear space around your condensing unit - trim bushes, etc. Also, after mowing, make sure to blow any grass off of the condensing unit, or you can also rinse with a garden hose. If you have rooms that are not cooling properly, or your system(s) don't seem to be up to par, call us and we can come check them out. Don't forget to schedule your HVAC  tune-up. Call BILL BRADLEY SERVICES today, and we will "Come Fix Your Home".

Again, Bill Bradley Services would like to offer our condolences to the family and friends of Mr. James Dickens Sr. "Pops" Dickens was a good friend and will be missed.

Have a Fun, Safe, Great weekend....