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July 16

Posted by Damon Jones on

Wow, what a crazy July we've been having this summer. Unusually cool, yet other times it's been typically hot, rain every single day or so it seems. Although it is nice to have the rain, would welcome a couple of days without it, or at least wait until the evening to rain. Makes it hard to get caught up on yard work around the house, and ot course, we have a couple jobs waiting to for yards to "dry" up a little. And what about the temperatures ? Several days in the 70's, don't remember ever seeing that before, and today is breezy and somewhat overcast, although today has the least chance of rain we've seen in a while. It's funny, most summers we're begging for rain around this time, so I guess it's a good thing we're getting it. I will have to admit, it's been nice not having to water as much, and I do enjoy seeing every thing "green". Makes you wonder what August and September will bring our way, will it break off into extreme heat ? Only time will tell.

Kids will be starting back to school in only 4 weeks. Sure makes the summer season seem shorter, although we know that there is still plenty of summer weather left ahead of us. With that in mind, don't forget to have your HVAC system serviced, and if you're in need of repairs, give us a call. We will come fix your home.

Have a great day.