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Here comes the warmth

Posted by Damon Jones on

Looking for the temperatures to start getting into the 90's this week. Along with the heat will come the humdity that we are so acustomed to in the south. High should be around 91 today, and should stay between the upper 80's and lower 90's all week. Along with the arrival of the warmer weather is the arrival of kids getting out of school this week. This time of year is always a good time to remember to pay "extra" close attention to your driving, especially in neighborhoods and around parks where the kids will be playing, riding bikes and such. We all know that kids sometimes don't think about running out into the street to retrieve a ball, so be sure to slow down and pay attention when driving in areas where kids are going to be playing.

We look forward to the Memorial Day weekend and Holiday on Monday. People will be traveling, going to the beach, or lake, those who stay home will be grilling and hanging out. It is the time of year we love, the official start of "Summer Break" this weekend. Break out the bathing suit, or your warm weather clothes and get outside. Make sure to stay hydrated, make sure to start using some sunscreen, on yourself and the kids, try not to stay in the direct sunlight to long at a time, and bottom line, lets have a great summer.

Remember to have your HVAC system serviced, because you don't want to come inside to a warm house. Call today and get on our schedule. Our technicians will do a thorough check of your system, and then you'll be ready for the summer. And if you do need repairs and/or replacement of your HVAC system, Bill Bradley Services will be glad to take care of that for you also.

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