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Another cold Wednesday

Posted by Damon Jones on

Well, we are just getting over a severe cold snap, and now it looks like we've got some more cold temperatures heading our way. Lows to get in the mid to lower 20's a couple of nights, and below freezing for a couple of more nights. Oh, well, we need the cold to get rid of the insects, knock down some vegetation, and of course, give us a good reason to build a fire.

It's important to remember a couple of things during these cold spells that are coming through, especially when we get one like we had last week.

Leave your water dripping - about the size of a pencil lead will be sufficeint, and you should'nt have any issues with frozen pipes. Undo your hose pipes from the wall hydrants, leave the hydrants that are facing the wind dripping, as well as any other outdoor faucets, such as outdoor sinks, pool fillers, etc.

Open the cabinet doors within your home that have plumbing associated within them. Especially important where a sink may be on an exterior wall, such as a kitchen sink by a window. This will allow for the area to stay tempered and will assist in preventing freezing.

Turn up your heater a degree or two when we know a severe cold front is coming through, or if its just going to be colder than you can bear.  This will help your home stay warmer, also, keep windows, doors, etc closed as much as possible. Also be aware that a heat pump will not feel as warm as a gas furnace, although they will warm your home. DO NOT turn your unit to Emergency Heat unless instructed by a qualified HVAC Technician. Emergency Heat mode will bypass your condensing unit, thus bypassing the largest component of a heat pumps heating system.

Just a couple of things to help us make it through the Winter. Be careful, take care of your family and pets, check on those you  know who may be elderly or maybe not as self-sufficeint as yourself. And above all else, Stay as warm as possible, and if you need asistance with any plumbing or heating issues, please give us a call.