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Tuesday and it's cold...

Posted by Damon Jones on

It is nice and cold today, although it will start warming up towards the weekend. Indian Summer i believe, and then we'll start seeing more cold weather. NOW is the time to get your heating system checked out, don't wait till your house gets chilled, go ahead and call today. Every year we see the same thing, folks waiting till the last minute, they turn on the heater, it doesn't work, they get cold....go ahead and get your heater checked out. You can turn it on whenever you wish, but be able to turn it on in confidence, knowing that it is in tip top shape. Or, if there is something wrong, you'll know ahead of time and can get it repaired, replaced, etc. We don't want you to be uncomfortable, so call today....262-8368....and BILL BRADLEY SERVICES will come fix your home...

Now for the important stuff. Auburn is favored this weekend, hopefully, maybe, they can get back on track, and of course, we have that little diddy down in bayou. Tide gonna Roll this saturday, we hope, and either way, i'm thinking bout' some cajun food.

Well, hope everyone has a wonderfully great day and week.