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Tuesday Morning>>>

Posted by Damon Jones on

Well, according to who you listen to, it appears as though we hit triple digits again yesterday, which followed a hot weekend. Think it's just a matter of time before another "Hot cycle" is upon us. With that in mind, don't wait to get your HVAC checked out. Making funny sounds, not cooling as well, these could be signs that your HVAC is in need of some attention. Call us today and schedule an appointment. It's also a good time to be paying attention to your plumbing. As the dry conditions continue, roots will seek moisture, and where can they find it ? Your plumbing system, that's where. If you notice spots  in the yard that are staying "green" when everything else is drying up, that could be a sign of water leakage, and if your drains are "Slowing" down, that too could be a sign of root infiltration into your sewer lines. If you have an issue, call Bill Bradley Services...."BILL BRADLEY WON'T YOU PLEASE FIX MY HOME"...