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Thursday 5/24

Posted by Damon Jones on

Off to another good start today, and everyone is looking forward to the Memorial Day weekend. Always nice to have a holiday, and Memorial Day is the un-official start of summer. Kids are getting out of school, so everyone needs to pay extra attention when driving through neighborhoods, around parks and playgrounds, etc. The temps are starting to rise, won't be long before summer surely sets in around here, although the worst part of that is ... "No Rain" on the horizon. Better get those sprinklers ready.

Now for Today's tip....Have your duct work checked out. Duct leaks are a tremendous waste of energy, and you don't want to be cooling and/or heating your attic or crawl spaces. Most homes have some degree of duct leakage, and getting them repaired makes a huge difference, not only on your utility bills, but most importantly, in the comfort of your home. A few signs of duct leakage are....If your home stays dusty, or if you notice "dust or a dirty" appearance around your supply grilles. Maybe there's 1 or more rooms in your home that cool as well as others, If your unit does'nt seem to heat or cool properly. These are all signs of duct leakage. Call us today to have your unit serviced, and our technicians will check your duct system for you.