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Thursday's Tip

Posted by Damon Jones on

Are you feeling like your HVAC unit is not performing "Up to Snuff" ? Maybe it's time to change your air filters. HVAC systems are under a pretty constant load in our area, and your unit requires a certain amount of "return air" to operate properly. A dirty and/or clogged air filter can reduce the amount of "return air" returning to your system, and in severe cases, even cause your system to shut down. Start today on a regiment of changing your air filters monthly, and you will see the benefits of a "Happy, Efficeint" HVAC system. Call Bill Bradley Services today and schedule your summer HVAC tune-up. We will thoroughly check out your system, and, change your air filter. We also offer filter service. Don't delay, gives us a call today....BILL BRADLEY SERVICES 262*8368...