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Not feeling like Spring Today....

Posted by Damon Jones on

Can you believe this weather, feeling like it's winter again for a couple of days, but maybe Spring will finally get here soon...not soon enough. We are ready for some warmer weather, starting to get "pool fever". Not looking forward to running the the AC, but tired of running the heater. Oh well, a good, warm shower will make the difference, it's funny, regardless of whether it's hot or cold outside, few things beat a good, warm shower. That brings me to the point of recommending tankless water heaters. I was never a big fan of tankless water heaters until i got one. I just waited till after the girls got through with showers and such, and then I'd take a shower. Not anymore...I can honestly say that the advantage of having hot water whenever you want it is "priceless". Although it's true that the tankless water heaters are more economical to operate, the best advantage is simply...more hot water. If you have any questions concerning or about tankless water heaters, give me call, there are several different models out there, and the key is to size the water heater to your needs. Give us a call, we can help.

Although Spring still feels a few days away, we are steadily scheduling Spring HVAC tune-ups. Don't delay and get caught without AC. We all know how quickly it can heat up down here in Montgomery. Keeping your HVAC system maintained is important, and it really makes a difference in the operation of your system. Call today, and we can come....

Wishing everyone a Great Week, and remember the kids are out of school, so pay attention when driving thru neighborhoods and such. Catch you later.