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Monday and the rain came...

Posted by Damon Jones on

What a messy day yesterday, plenty of rain, and looks like more may be heading our way this afternoon. We've needed the rain, but we are ready for some sunshine. Working double-time today to catch all that we can before more rain possibly moves in. Looks like the end of the week is going to be more normal, highs back in the 90's, so it's a good time to call and schedule your HVAC checkup. Ond advantage of all this rain is...It gives you a chance to get caught up on inside chores, and we've all got them. Make sure to check your area drains, if you have them, and make sure they are open. Area drains are the drains associated with storm water removal at your home or business. Not all have them, but if you do, check them out to make sure the tops are clear and ready to accept water. Last thing you want to happen is for storm water to damage something. You might also want to consider turning your sprinkler system off for a couple of days. Pretty sure we've had enough rain to sustain plants and grass for a couple of days. Save you a little on your water bill while Mother Nature is taking care of things....