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Interesting week ...

Posted by Damon Jones on

Looks like we've got an interesting week ahead of us. Isaac is bearing down on the Gulf, NCAA football starts thursday night, and looks like it might start getting hot again next week. Oh yea, and it's also a long, holiday weekend coming up. Yep, quite the interesting week ahead.

Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend, having Monday off, appears as though the weather will clear up by Friday. Time to start planning those "Game Day" activities. Tigers kick off at 6:00, Tide at 7:00. Going to be a good start to the season, hopefully both teams will come out on top. There will be plenty of football to watch this weekend, starting Thursday night with The Gamecocks vs The Commodores. Looks like almost all the SEC teams will be on tv, so that's a good thing.

While planning your weekend activities, don't forget to get your HVAC system serviced or that nagging plumbing issue resolved. No reason to go into the weekend with that on your mind. Call BILL BRADLEY SERVICES today and schedule to have those issues resolved. Then sit back and enjoy a long weekend with family and friends.