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Hello March

Posted by Damon Jones on

Hello March, bringing some "Chilly" weather our way. After a February that felt much more like spring than winter, now we open up March with what could turn out to be a somewhat brutally cold weekend, factoring in the wind chill and such. And looks like its going to stay cooler for the next few days. Well at least it doesn't look like any major rain events heading our way for a while, so that's a good thing. I imagine heaters will be pushed the next few days, alot of fireplaces will be roaring, and everyone will be bundled up, reminds me of March 1, 2009 when we had a snow fall event, and speaking of that, we may get some "flurries" tomorrow. So it's just going to be a cold weekend.

If you have any heater troubles, give us a call, we will be catching calls this weekend. We want everyone to stay warm as possible, but you also have to use a little good sense. Don't crank your heater to the max, set it at a comfortable temp, 72-75 would seem about right, and let it do it's job. If you feel as though your heater is not producing as it should, give us a call ..."BILL BRADLEY WILL...COME...FIX YOUR HOME"

Also be sure to keep an eye on your exposed plumbing, especially Saturday night if the wind chill factor gets as cold as some are saying it will. A wind chill factor in the teens could possibly effect plumbing pipes, hose bibbs, etc. If you have any concerns or fears about your pipes possibly freezing, HERE is what you need to do. LET THE WATER RUN...Turn on a hose bibb, or bathtub and let a "SMALL" stream of water run, about the size of a pencil lead. This will keep the water circulating throughout your system and should prevent any possible pipes from freezing. Also make sure to disconnect hoses from the hose bibbs. Also open up any cabinets that may have plumbing in them that are on the exterior walls of your home. This will allow for the warm air in your home to migrate into the cabinet area. Just a couple of ideas for you, in case your worried about it.

We hope everyone has a great weekend, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.