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Happy Monday

Posted by Damon Jones on

Happy Monday morning to all, hope you were able to stay warm Saturday. Sunday was a little better, and today looks like spring is coming back...again. So much for the extended cooler temperatures everyone was talking about last week, and the forecast for next week shows upper 70's. So there you go, you can never really be sure about Alabama weather, geuss that's why we love it so much.

With spring apparently right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about scheduling your spring HVAC tune-up. The phones are already starting to light up with customers getting ahead of the curve. Go ahead and call today, we will schedule to come out and check your system. Just remember that the temperature needs to raise a little higher in order to get the proper readings on your system, but that should just be a matter of days. Always seems to start heating up around Spring Break, and remember we have an early Easter this year, March 31.

So go ahead and get on board to have those nagging HVAC and Plumbing issues taken care so that you can enjoy Spring.

The Bill Bradley Services family would like to wish Mrs. Brenda Bradley a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Today. Enjoy your day Mrs. Bradley.