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"HOT" with a chance of "HEAT"

Posted by Damon Jones on

It is "HOT", no doubt about it, looks like it will be this way for a while. We know that everyone is trying to stay cool, and we're catching calls as fast as we can. Here's a couple of ideas to help keep your home comfortable during the heat of the summer. Make sure your filters are clean in your HVAC system, also, if you have ceiling fans, turn them on and leave them on. The circulating air will make you feel cooler. Keep blinds and curtains drawn during the day, keep exterior doors and windows closed as much as possible, I know thats tough when the kids are in and out playing. You also need to consider attic ventilation.  Power vents, whirly birds, and other types of attic ventilation will assist in keeping your home more comfortable during the "HOT" summer months. Last, but not least, remember to stay hydrated....drink plenty of water, and keep an eye on children and the elderly. Do your best to stay cool, and give us call if we can help you out....BILL BRADLEY SERVICES...."COME FIX MY HOME"....