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Good Monday Morning

Posted by Damon Jones on

Wow, what an exciting weekend of college football, and of course we have the "Big" game coming up the Saturday, Auburn vs Alabama. Although it looks like The Tide should win, you can never take this game for granted. Looking forward to watching it. And try hard as they might, the BCS just can't keep an SEC team from being in the hunt for the National Championship. Just have to believe that one of the six teams in the top 12 is going to make the game, more than likely either Alabama or Georgia. Go SEC.

Thanksgiving is this week, and it's a good time to slow down and think about all we have to be "Thankful" for. Although times have certainly been difficult, and it looks like we have a lot of work ahead of us, we still live in the Greatest Country in the World. America is, and will continue to be the "Best". Let us all take a few moments to remember those who gave all for our Freedom, and most importantly, to Thank God for all of his blessings, both to our country and our individual lives.

The weather looks like it will be wonderful this week, so it's a good time to have your heating system checked out for the winter months. Don't hesitate and get caught during a "Cold" spell with no heat. Call today and have it checked out. It is always important to maintain your system, to make sure that all safety features are working properly. And if you do have an issue with your system, Bill Bradley Services can "FIX YOUR HOME".  So call today and enjoy the Fall and Winter months with peace of mind knowing your system is working properly.

Again, remember to be Thankful this week.