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And a Good Thursday it is ...

Posted by Damon Jones on

It's been a pretty decent Thursday around here, taking care of our customers, keeping everyone busy and productive. Looks like we're going to get a good dose of cooler weather coming in on Saturday, lows in the 40's. Better enjoy your pools while the water is still warm, I know I will.

It's time to start thinking about your HVAC systems heating components. Be sure to have a qualified technician, from a qualified company, come and perform a service on your system before you start using your heater. Gas furnaces should be thoroughly checked to make sure all parts a performing properly. The same goes for your electric heat, and/or heat pump. Units are designed with several built in safety options. Make sure yours is performing as it should.

Also, if you use a wood burning fire place, make sure to have your chimney checked out and cleaned if needed. The cost of the inspection and/or cleaning is way cheaper than dealing with a fire. Be careful, and be smart. There are several "Good" chimey sweeps in our area, several of them Firemen. So call someone and then be able to sit back and enjoy your fireplace.

Have fun, enjoy the USC vs Utah game tonite. We will chat again soon.