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January 6 2015

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Here comes another "January Freeze", wow, two years in a row we've had a deep, hard freeze heading our way the first week of January. Temperatures are projected to be below freezing for several hours, along with projected wind chills in the single digits. If you have any concerns about pipes freezing or keeping your home warm and comfortable, hopefully these tips will help.

To prevent your pipes from freezing - LET THE WATER RUN. Follow these examples, and hopefully you will have no issues.

Disconnect all garden hoses from the hose bibs, let the hose bibs drip, about the size of a #2 pencil lead.

If you have plumbing adjacent to exterior walls, open up the cabinets. This will allow warm air to circulate in the cabinet area. Turn on the faucet and let it drip, again about the size of a #2 pencil lead.

Open up a tub/shower valve and let it drip.

The idea here is to keep the water flowing throughout your system. If a faucet or hose bib should still "freeze", leave the valve open until it thaws.

If you have vacant property, turn the water off at the meter, open up all faucets and hose bibs, and turn off water heater. If the water heater is gas, make sure to turn off the gas cock. If the property has a working heat source, make sure it's operational. Set the thermostat around 65 and you should be fine.

To keep your home warm during the next few days try this. Turn up your thermostat a degree or two higher than normal. Do this starting this evening so that your home can build up some additional warmth. Try to keep doors and windows shut as much as possible. The goal here is to keep the "heat" contained within the living space. Its going to be cold and windy, and your home may not feel as warm as it does normally. Keep blankets handy, layer your clothing and stay inside as much as possible. Your HVAC system will be working hard the next few days, and in extreme weather conditions, factoring in all conditions, your unit may not satisfy the thermostat the same way it does during normal weather.

Hope these tips help.



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Good Morning to all. The season is upon us, and as we head into the final "10" days before Christmas, it's certainly going to be a time of hustle and bustle. Last minute, or for that matter, beginning shopping, gatherings with family and friends, all that goes into celebrating the Christmas season. A busy time of the year for sure. With that in mind, now is a good time to schedule any Plumbing or HVAC checkups or work you may need completed. Enjoy the Holiday with peace of mind, knowing that your issues have been handled and corrected. It gets easy to put off minor issues when your going Full Steam Ahead, and you don't want to have an issue when friends and family have gathered. So, call today, and Bill Bradley Services will come "Fix Your Home".

It's also good to be aware of the increased traffic, the fact that children will be getting out of school, and try as you might, the "last minute" details will always create a  feeling of urgency. Although it's often hard to do, try to slow down. Enjoy the season, with all that it stands for. Take time to plan your day and remember the reason for the season.

We wish all a Merry Christmas, and if you need us, give us call.


Cold November Night

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It's going to be a COLD November night tonight, so a couple of things to remember. Take care of your pets, they get cold also, and if you have any concerns about water pipes, just let the water run. Turn on a couple of faucets, hose bibs, etc. and let them drip, about the size of a #2 pencil lead. This will keep your pipes from freezing, and give you some peace of mind. Also, try to limit the number of times your opening doors, keep the warmth inside your house. Be careful, and have a safe night, and if you need us, give a call, we can help.


Another Cool Down

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We have certainley been having some "unpredictable" weather around here lately.  Looks like this week is going to bring the chance of "record" lows for the month of July, after a weekend of normal, muggy, hot July type temperatures. It's just crazy the way our weather has been this entire year, and it's hard to believe temperatures in the low 60's by wednesday and thursday. Well, maybe we'll get lucky and August will bring back the "Dog Days" of summer, and hopefully warmer temps will continue into September. What can I say, I like warmer weather. Of course, the upside to the cooler temps is that your HVAC system gets a little bit of break, however, don't let that lull you into not having your HVAC serviced on a regular basis. As we've seen this year, it's important to know that your system will do what you need it to do, so be prepared and have your system serviced. Keeping your system maintained will increase efficeincy, and most importantly, keep you comfortable. Give us a call, we'll be glad to come service your system and keep you comfortable.

Remember that school will be starting back within the next couple of weeks, which means children will be out and about in the early mornings and afternoons, so be careful and pay attention. It's also getting closer and closer to the start of football season, which, regardless of the temperature, is always a big deal around our area.

Stay comfortable, and if you need us, give us call.


June 27

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June is just about to be gone, and everyone is looking forward to the up coming Fourth of July weekend. Looks like the weather is going to cooperate this year except for one exception, it's about to get HOT in Montgomery. Temp's next week will be in the upper 90's, with a high heat index. Of course, it was in the mid 90's the last couple of weeks, so we had a chance to get a little used to it. Been along time since we've seen this kind of warmth around here. With that in mind, here's a couple of suggestions.

Stay hydrated and pay attention to those around you, especially children and older folks to make sure they are properly hydrated. Don't stay out in the direct sun any longer than neccessary, and if you are going to be outside, take breaks, sit in the shade, you know the drill. Be smart and prepared. Also, your HVAC system should be able to maintain around a 25-30 degree difference in temperature, in ideal situations. Depending on how your home is built, it may not make that swing. With that in mind, you might want to bump your thermostat up a bit, 76-78 degrees will feel good when it's so warm outside. Also, check your filter and change it if needed. I suggest changing your filters monthly, but you need to at least inspect the filters monthly and change if needed. Fans are also good in this type of weather.

Stay cool, and have a nice weekend.



June 6

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Good Friday afternoon to all, hope all is going well with you this week. Been a warm week, staying consistently in the 90's, and not raining all the time, which is quite different from last year. Also has been an interesting week or so for the news, lots of stuff going on, with alot of different opinions as to whether it's good or bad. Try not to dwell to much on the negative side of things is my opinion, try to focus or find something good and up lifting to think about. May not always make things better, but sure doesn't hurt.

With the weather finally turning HOT, it's a good time to be thinking about getting your HVAC system checked out for the summer. Don't wait until it's not working, call today and get your system serviced, you will be glad you did. And if your system is not working properly and/or needs to be replaced, we will help you that also. Call today and get on our schedule, and one of our qualified HVAC technicians will be glad to assist you.'

Have a good weekend.


May 13

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Going to be nice and warm today, finally getting into some Montgomery type weather, humid and hot. Of course, it's only going to last a day or two, another cold front is coming in tomorrow, going to knock temps down into the 70's for highs and the upper 50's for lows. It has been an interesting year for weather, no doubt about it. Hopefully, this will be the last of the cool snaps for a while, just ready for summer type weather to get here. With that in mind, don't hesitate to schedule your HVAC spring/summer primary tune-up. Don't wait until your hot and humid, call today and be prepared for what is to come. Your HVAC tune-up helps to insure that your system is operating at it's highest efficeincy, which allows for more in home comfort and reliability. Also remember to keep your filters changed on a regular basis. We recommend monthly, especially if you have pets in the home, or, if your like me, with kids and such constantly coming in and out of the house. Clean filters will help your system run better, which again, will help to keep you comfortable during what may be a long hot and humid summer.

Now is also a good time to go ahead and get that nagging plumbing issue resolved. Go into the summer with your home in tip top shape and enjoy the season with your family and friends.

Remember that kids will be getting out of school shortly, which means they will be out and about.

Have a Great Tuesday.


Stormy Monday

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Good Monday morning to all, hope everyone enjoyed the wonderful weekend weather we had. Saturday and Sunday were great, which means of course, that we have a "gooble" of rain coming in today, and believe it or not, temperatures possibly below freezing Tuesday night. Wow, what a crazy winter/spring we have been having this year. HVAC systems are being put to the test on a somewhat weekly basis for sure. And we surely don't need another flooding situation, but there's a lot of rain moving our way. Well, the good news is that this weekend is Easter weekend, and hopefully that means the end of cooler weather. The old saying of wait till Easter to do your planting has sure been accurate this year.

This coming Sunday is Easter Sunday, and we hope you take the time to reflect on the meaning of this "Celebration". We celebrate the Risen Savior, Jesus Christ. Take the time to share this event with your children, family and friends, to share the Easter story. Make sure they know the facts.

Also take the time to celebrate with your children and family with Easter egg hunts, a family dinner and time spent together. Although we know The Easter Bunny has nothing to do with this epic event, it's fun for the kids, and in turn, fun for all who participate. Make the day a family oriented celebration, go to church or at least Sunday school and celebrate the "Passion of Love" that this season represents.

Now that the temperatures should start warming up take the time to schedule up your HVAC spring tune up. Head into the summer knowing your system is operating as it should. And if you need any repairs, and/or a new system, we can help you with that.

Have a blessed day and week.


Friday Rain

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Friday and it's raining, again it seems. Sitting back remembering when we were going through the drought a couple years ago, and it was dry for sure, and it didn't look like we were ever going to have any substantial rain fall, anyway, I remember hearing a "Weather" guru stating that "Mother Nature always has a way of catching back up". I didn't really pay that much attention at the time, but he was correct. The rain has certainly caught back up. I don't mind the rain so much, and at least it's not cold this time, but it's just been such a dreary winter season, and we had so much rain last spring and summer. Guess I'm just ready for an extended period of sunshine, give everything a chance to dry out a bit. Oh well, reckon we'll see what "Mother Nature" continues to bring us here in the state of Alabama.

Hope everyone has children had a chance to spend some quality time with them during Spring Break this year. Although the weather wasn't great, just spending some time with your kids is fun. Had the chance to go fishing with mine last Sunday, and we had a great time. I have to confess, I'm not much of a fisherman, but we had such a good time I think I'm going to "work on my fishing game". Good times indeed.

Well, here's hoping we have better weather next week, hopefully warmer temperatures are heading our way. With that in mind, why don't you go ahead and schedule up your Spring HVAC tune-up. Get it out of the way and be ready for the summer. Call today, you'll be glad you did once it breaks off HOT this summer.


Tired of Winter

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Spring has arrived, Saturday was a beautiful day, temperatures in the low 80's, however, it appears as though winter is not done with us yet. Sunday was cool and breezy, today will be about the same, and tomorrow night and Wednesday look like the possibility of below freezing temperatures, again. We are ready to be through with winter for sure. It's been a cold, and often dreary winter, and we have had plenty of cold weather. Maybe we'll get past this last little snap and then move on to warmer, Spring type weather on a consistent basis. It's been a crazy ride this year, and who knows what type of weather we will get this summer. One day running heat, next day running AC, it makes you appreciate your HVAC system for sure. And keeping your system operating in top form is important, as I'm sure most of us have found out thus far. It is a good time to go ahead and start thinking about your Spring HVAC tune-up. Although we might have a bit more cold weather heading this way, we know that warmer weather is going to arrive. Maybe by Easter we will be through with the chilly weather, and it will be time to plant your garden and get ready for a Great Summer.

Remember that the schools are on Spring Break this week, and although alot of people travel, kids will be outside, so pay close attention when driving through neighborhoods and such.

Bill Bradley Services offers our condolences to the family of David Attaway, who lost his mother, Linda Edmonds, on Friday, March 21. David is a manager in our Bill Bradley Services family, and we pray God's peace and comfort over his family during this time.

Have a Great Day.